Compliance: General Scope of Services


  • Respond to public or other inquiries relative to policies and procedures on specific projects and other information. Evaluate issues and options regarding municipal public works and make recommendations.
  • Assist the administration in establishing policy and procedures.
  • Attend City Council meetings as needed or directed and represents the City on various commissions, committees and at meetings with the public and governmental agencies.  Prepare and present information to City Council at work sessions or at council meetings.
  • Answer technical questions.
  • Provide project management for the construction of the municipal public works projects.
  • Oversee assigned projects to ensure contractor compliance with time and budget parameters for the project.
  • Maintain records of all projects.
  • Maintain regular contact with government agencies, professional and technical groups, and the general public.
  • Provide support to other city departments.
  • Provide advice to Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission and administration on compliance related issues.
  • Prepare reports for the Mayor and City Council as required.

Zoning Complaint Form 

The Compliance/Zoning department has created a downloadable complaint form for the citizens of Fostoria. This form is for any zoning violations citizens of Fostoria may wish to report and have our zoning department inspect. The form consists of questions regarding the violation(s) in question and contact information. Below is a PDF document of a zoning complaint form. To fill out this form you may print out a copy of the PDF and bring it into the zoning department office located on the first floor of the Municipal Building. 


​​Another way to submit a zoning compliant is through our link to a survey asking the same questions as the downloadable form will. This link takes you to an online form that is easy to fill out and submit. This option allows complaint forms to be submitted from home. This link is located below and in our Frequently Requested Forms box above. 



   (a)  Requirements of All Contractors.  Any contractor working within the City limits of the City of Fostoria, Ohio must be insured and registered with the City of Fostoria, Ohio Zoning Department and the City of Fostoria, Ohio Finance Department.  Applications for registration must be completed and approved prior to any construction commencing which includes a completed income tax questionnaire and proof of current license registration on any vehicles requiring commercial license plates.  The fee for such registration is twenty-five dollars ($50.00) for the first calendar year (January 1st - December 31st).  The annual renewal is ten dollars ($25.00) if it is paid no later than thirty (30) days from renewal from being sent.  If the contractor fails to renew within thirty (30) days, the renewal fee will be twenty-five dollars ($50.00). (Ord. 2022-09.  Passed 2-15-22.)
  (b)  Failure to Obtain a Contractor Registration.  Failure to be a registered contractor performing work within the City of Fostoria, Ohio shall be a violation of this Zoning Code and punishable under Section 1107.99.


Jeffrey Huber
Compliance/Project Manager
City of Fostoria
(419) 435-9775


Tel: 419.435.8282

213 South Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio