Engineering Department General Scope of Services

Administrative Services:

  • Perform administrative, supervisory, and professional engineering work necessary to manage the engineering department and to fulfill the statutory obligations of the City Engineer's position
  • Respond to public or other inquiries relative to engineering policies and procedures on specific projects and other information. Evaluate issues and options regarding municipal public works and makes recommendations.
  • Participate in the development of city codes as they relate to engineering and to state laws/regulations.
  • Assist the administration in establishing policy and procedures.
  • Attend City Council meetings as needed or directed and represents the City on various commissions, committees and at meetings with the public and governmental agencies relative to engineering.  Prepare and present information to City Council at work sessions or at council meetings.
  • Answer technical questions and provides information to the public.
  • Provide assistance to the City in the preparation and management of various grants, including but not limited to Community Development Block Grants, Ohio Public Works Commission and Ohio and US EPA.

Management Services:

  • Assist in the preparation of capital budgets, and assist other departments as needed in budgeting capital projects and Operation & Maintenance activities.
  • Provide project management for the construction of the municipal public works projects.
  • Oversee assigned projects to ensure contractor compliance with time and budget parameters for the project.
  • Maintain records of all projects and engineering activities.
  • Maintain regular contact with government agencies, professional and technical groups, and the general public regarding engineering department activities and services.

Consultation Services:

  • Coordinate the preparation of, or develops, reviews and updates the sanitary sewer, water, storm drainage, and street system maps, data base, and comprehensive plans.
  • Plan, organize, coordinate, supervise and evaluate programs, services, equipment and infrastructure as related to engineering department.
  • Provide engineering support to other city departments.
  • Provide advice to Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission and administration on engineering related issues.
  • Prepare modifications of specifications, subdivision and development regulations.
  • Review and approve engineering standard details and standard policies.
  • Review and approve infrastructure projects associated with development projects and activities.
  • Manage/oversee the preparation of engineering plans and specifications, bidding and selection criteria for public contracts in the assigned area of responsibility.
  • Coordinate the preparation, review and updates to the sewer maps, water maps, street maps, ward maps, and zoning maps.


  • Analyze utility rates as requested.
  • Prepare reports for the Mayor and City Council as required.

The City of Fostoria is undergoing reorganization in the Zoning and Engineering Offices. They will remain closed until further notice. Thank-you for your patience.  If you need assistance in these areas, please contact the Safety Service Director.

213 S. Main St.
​PH:  419.435.9775
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The City of Fostoria, Ohio Engineering Department is dedicated to providing municipal civil engineering services in a professional, organized and cost effective manner to the citizens, as well as other City Departments. Our efforts are focused on providing a high level of expertise in planning, advising, administering and overseeing all public works improvements and infrastructure needs including streets, water, sanitary sewers and storm drainage. Our goal is to provide these services within the project budget and timeframe required while protecting the public health, safety, and welfare and to be good stewards of all public resources in order to enhance the quality of life of the citizens. Our vision of a quality community will be built on foundations of the past while continuing to improve our services in the future.

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213 South Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio