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The City of Fostoria Fire Department provides an array of emergency services to our city and portions of the surrounding townships. 
      - Fire suppression
      - Confined space rescue
      -  Trench rescue
      - Emergency management and mitigation
      - Advanced life support and emergency medical service
      - Hazardous materials mitigation
      - Rescue from heights 
Fire and EMS operations are staffed by 18 dedicated and high skilled individuals, The personnel are split into 3 shifts. Each shift works 24 hours, followed by 48 hours hours off duty, averaging 51 hours per week or a minimum of 2652 hours a year. This allows us to protect our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

      - Smoke detectors- smoke detectors are available at the fire station for residents of Fostoria
      - Locked Out Program - provide special lock boxes for the residents of Fostoria. Contact the station for more information.

Fire Safety Inspection

Common Hazards Check list

Buildings are inspected depending on the type of business operating in the building. We have compiled a list of the most common hazards to assist you in preparing your business for a fire safety inspection. Feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with a fire safety inspector.

How do I obtain a copy of my report?
Fire reports can be obtained by visiting the fire station during normal business hours. There is a minimal fee of $2.00 for reports. EMS report requests, with accompanying HIPPA documentation can be obtained by calling 800-814-5339. Due to Federal Law, we cannot discuss any EMS related questions at the Fire Station.

Who do I Contact for EMS billing questions?
Contact our current billing vendor at 800-814-5339. They abide by all HIPPA regulations in order to keep your information private and confidential.

Can I get a Free Smoke Detector/CO Detector/ Fire Extinguisher?
Yes, any Fostoria City resident may come to the fire station to receive their free smoke detector, CO. The only information we collect is the address where the detector will be installed. We do not provide fire extinguishers.

How do I report exceptional service or complaints?
Please direct these in writing directly to Chief Jason Root, 233 W. South Street, Fostoria, Ohio 44830. We love hearing from our residents, even when there is criticism. We address everyone’s concerns to provide better service, and compliments are added directly to employee files.

Why does the Fire Engine respond with the ambulance? 
On priority one calls (i.e. heart attack, stroke, trauma, bariatric and other serious medical emergencies), our crews sometimes need more help in providing for the care of the injured/ill person. Each emergency incident is different, but each is treated with the highest level of care possible.



fire inspections

Welcome to the City of Fostoria!  Whether you live, work, or just visit . . . know that we are here if anything happens!

24 hours a day....7 days a week....365 days a year! 

To protect life and property from fire and other emergencies within' the community through
public education, code management, and incident response.

233 West South Street
Fostoria, Ohio 44830


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Fire Chief- Jason Root

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