Note: Due to Substitute House Bill 5 which passed at the end of 2014, tax years 2015 (and prior) fall under the guidelines of Fostoria Codified Ordinance, Chapter 183 before it was amended (see "Forms" for Chapter 183 effective until 1-1-2016 for tax years 2015 and prior). The amended Fostoria Codified Ordinance, Chapter 183 is effective as of January 1, 2016 for tax years beginning 2016. 

City of Fostoria is a member of RITA (Regional Income Tax Agency). You can access their website with the following link:​​ OR call 1-800-860-7482

Income Tax Manager
Tax Administrator Holly Cassady started working for the City of Fostoria Income Tax Department in April 2007. She took over as Tax Administrator when the previous administrator retired in the fall of 2007. Originally from Findlay, Ohio, Holly moved to Fostoria in 1995. She has 20 years of experience in the banking industry before coming to work for the City of Fostoria.

You can reach Holly Cassady in the Income Tax Office on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 5pm (closed for lunch); open Wednesdays from 8am to noon. Contact her at 419-435-6449 or email her at

213 S. Main St., Fostoria, Ohio 44830

Phone:   419-435-6449
Fax:  419-435-1247


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  8 am – 5 pm **
Wednesday:  8 am – Noon

** closed from Noon – 1 pm daily for lunch.


Tel: 419.435.8282

213 South Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio

Q:  What is the current tax rate?
A:  2%

Q:  Does Fostoria have a mandatory tax filing?
A:  Yes. For anyone 18 years of age and older who has earned taxable wages, they are required to file a tax return with the City of Fostoria. If the only wages being received throughout the tax year are non-taxable (example: retirement wages reported on 1099R), please contact the Income Tax Office at 419-435-6449.

Q:  Do I get credit for taxes I have paid to another city?

Filing Tax Year 2016:
The City of Fostoria gives 100% credit of taxes paid to another city, but not to exceed 2% (Fostoria’s current tax rate) of taxable wages per W-2/Employer, not combination of all.
*Filing for Tax Year 2017:
The City of Fostoria will give 50% credit for taxes paid to another city, up to 50% of Fostoria’s current tax rate; of taxable wages per W-2/Employer, not combination of all.
*Effective for tax year 2018
​The City of Fostoria will give no credit for taxes paid to another city.

Q:  If I lived in another city for the entire year, but worked or earned wages in Fostoria, do I have to file city taxes with Fostoria?
A:  No, as long as the correct amount of Fostoria local taxes have already been withheld based on the taxable wages and have been reported on a W-2.  However,  if a non-resident earns wages (or reflects a loss) within the City of Fostoria (rental properties, wages reported on a Schedule C, etc.) then a tax return is still required.

Q:  Am I eligible for a refund if I live in another city and pay taxes there, but work in Fostoria and also have paid 2% in taxes there as well?
A:  No. In the State of Ohio, if the city you work in has a municipal tax, the employer is required to withhold from your taxable wages whatever that city’s current tax rate is, and it goes to that city. The employee then files where they reside (if applicable). If the city in which they reside does not give credit for taxes paid to Fostoria (or the city they work in), they are not eligible for a refund from Fostoria (or the city they work in).

Q:  When are the different types of taxes and payments due?
A:  The due date for filing and payments of tax returns, corresponds with the same date the federal and state taxes are due each year. 

      Tax Returns: The due date for filing and payments of tax returns corresponds with the same date the federal taxes are due each year. 

     Estimated Tax Payments: The due dates for estimated tax payments are as listed below. 

  •       1st Quarter: Due April 15th
  •        2nd Quarter: Due June 15th 
  •       3rd Quarter: Due September 15th
  •       4th Quarter: Due December 15th

     Quarterly Withholding Payments: The due dates for quartlerly withholding payments are listed below.

  •      1st Quarter: Due April 30th
  •       2nd Quarter: Due June 30th
  •       3rd Quarter: Due September 30th
  •       4th Quarter: Due December 30th

   Monthly Withholding Payments: The due dates for monthly withholding payments are the 15th of each month following the withholding period. 

Q:  What forms of payment does RITA accept?
A:  1) Cash will continue to be accepted in the Fostoria Income Tax Office only.

      2) Check or money order to be mailed to RITA, you can find the address Click Here 

      3) Debit or credit card, Click here

Q:  Can I file online?
A:  Yes, through RITA. See links below for either Individuals or Businesses. 



** Information on this page is an overview and not all inclusive.  There may be circumstances or individual situations where these guidelines would not apply. Please contact the Holly Cassady in the income tax office at 419-435-6449 or RITA at 1-800-860-7482 for further and/or more extensive information.