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The City of Fostoria strives to employ and retain the best possible candidates in order to provide quality services to the residents and visitors of our community. If you are interested in joining our team, please download the Employment Application and submit by mail to the address provided.
Our Police and Fire Departments operate under Civil Service Board rules and all qualified applicants must pass both the relevant civil service exam as well as any physical fitness/agility test.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. The City does not discriminate in its employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability, or on the basis of any other characteristics which are prohibited by law.



​​Job Information -


Updated: June 27, 2019

Job Classification:  Police Officer

The Fostoria Police Division is currently hiring for Police Officer.

Once a list has been compiled by the Civil Service Commission, an application for employment with the city of Fostoria must be completed.  The application is available at the municipal building or can be downloaded at:

The department requires the candidate PHQ. You can access the questionnaire through your candidate account. The PHQ must be completed or you may not be considered further in the process.

 Salary Information:  $39,852.80 starting to $57,054.40 through step increases

Benefit Information:  Health, Prescription, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance. Vacation, holidays and sick leave.  Ohio Police and Fire retirement system.  Uniform allowance and CEU training provided.

Contact Information: 
Deb Hellman
Safety - Service Director

Department Overview: The Fostoria Police Division responds to approximately 12,000 calls for service per year.  We operate a 12-hour temporary holding facility and operate a 911 PSAP.  We also employ 2 School Resource Officers and participate with a countywide drug task force. 
The Fostoria Police are an Ohio Collaborative Certified agency and utilize Lexipol for operational policies.

Area Information: The City of Fostoria has approximately 13,441 residents, located at the convergence of Hancock, Seneca and Wood Counties in Northwest Ohio.  It is approximately 40 miles south of Toledo and 90 miles north of Columbus. 
Established in 1854, Fostoria is best known for its famous glass production years and for its abundant rail traffic. 

Population:  13,441

Job Requirements

Age : 21-35

US Citizen : Yes

High School Grad/GED : Yes

Valid OHIO State Driver's License : Yes or able to obtain one prior to hire

Ability to Read/Speak English : Yes

Vision : Correctable to 20/20

College : Preferred but not required. Educational incentive pay is available.

Academy Certification : Yes, Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy

Necessary Certifications : At the time of offer, must hold a current OPOTA certificate issued by the State of Ohio.

Schooling Prior and Post Hiring : Must be able to maintain CEU’s annually as required by Ohio Law and the Police Division.


City of Fostoria Application for employment must be completed, turned in or mailed to the City Safety-Service Director prior to continuing in the process.
It can be picked up at the municipal building or downloaded at:

Completion of the National Testing Network (NTN) exam with a minimum passing score of 70%. The City requires the candidate PHQ. You can access the questionnaire through your candidate account. The PHQ must be completed by the closing date or you may not be considered further in the process.

Completed after the written eligibility exam results are completed. Only candidates who have passed the written exam will be eligible to continue.

The test will consist of:
Begin Test
Clock will start when the candidate opens the cruiser door.

The candidate will exit from the driver’s seat of a patrol vehicle and run approximately 320 feet along a designated path. Proceed to B.
The candidate will climb up five steps and move approximately 85 feet in the prescribed direction and descend down five steps. The candidate is required to step on all five steps while climbing and descending, if the candidate fails to do so, then he/she will be disqualified. Proceed to C.
The candidate will travel approximately 50 feet and jump over an obstacle that is approximately 18H”x12W”x36L. Proceed to D.
The candidate will travel approximately 50 feet to a location where they will load six inert rounds into each of two pistol magazines for a total of 12 rounds. The candidate will charge the duty weapon with one magazine and pull the trigger six times with the dominant hand, the candidate will then perform a magazine reload, charge the duty weapon again and pull the trigger six times with the non-dominant hand. If the candidate fails to utilize both the dominant and non-dominant hand as instructed for this phase, he/she will be disqualified. Proceed to E.
The candidate will travel approximately 80 feet and will open the cruiser driver’s door and push the power door lock/unlock switch to unlock the rear doors, the candidate will then move to the right rear door of the police cruiser and remove the approximately 165 lb dummy from the right rear seat of the cruiser and drag the entire dummy 15 feet away from the cruiser, in the prescribed direction, across a line marked on the ground. Proceed to F.
The candidate will move to the rear of the police vehicle and push the disabled vehicle approximately 20 feet. The rear bumper will need to cross the line marked on the ground. Proceed to G.
The candidate will re-enter the police vehicle's driver’s seat and put the vehicle's transmission shift lever into Park, remove the ignition and handcuff key and unlock a set of handcuffs from the steering wheel. The candidate will raise his/her hands to stop the clock.End of Test

Candidates overall ranking will be comprised of their written exam, plus extra credit for military status.

Eligible candidates will be placed on an eligible-to-hire list to be approved and certified by the City’s Civil Service Commission which includes extra credits.

Candidates will be interviewed by a panel of professionals from the Civil Service Commission. The number of interviews is set by the City’s Civil Service Commission based on the number of current vacancies. Additional interviews will be conducted by a panel of law enforcement officials based on a vacancy.

Completion of an in-depth background assessment will be completed for anyone that the division would like to move forward within the process. Releases must be signed by the candidate to continue the process.

A conditional appointment may be made based on the conditional that the candidate successfully passes a psychological evaluation, polygraph, medical examination and drug testing.

Specific Disqualifiers/Behaviors : Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers:

Any theft offense as an adult within the last ten (10) years.
Any fraudulent insurance claims or fraudulent applications for welfare, workers compensation, unemployment compensation or other public assistance programs.
Any admission or conviction of an offense, as an adult, defined as a felony by the federal, state or local law of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.
Any admission or conviction of an offense, as a juvenile of one (1) or more violent felonies as defined by the federal, state or local law jurisdiction where the offense occurred.
Any conviction of a M-1 or M-2 misdemeanor as defined by the federal, state or local law of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred, as an adult in the last five (5) years or more than one M-1 or M-2 conviction as an adult.
Any conviction of more than one (1) M-1 or M-2 misdemeanor as a juvenile, as defined by the feral, state or local law of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.
Any admission or conviction of any offense relating to the carrying or use of a weapon.
Any admission or conviction of any sex related offense.
Any admission or conviction of domestic violence or any charge that is reduced from domestic violence.
Any pattern of theft offenses from an employer or during the course of employment.
Any admission or conviction of any offense relating to use of force or threat of force while committing any offense.
For making false statements of material fact in the application, testing process or during any part of the hiring process and for use, threatened use or attempt in using political influence in securing employment.

Driving Disqualifiers:

Must be insurable under the City of Fostoria insurance carrier.
No OVI arrest within the last 5 years.
No DUS or Reckless Operation arrests within the last 5 years.
Multiple traffic arrests that may make anyone uninsurable.

Drug Use Disqualifiers:

Any use or purchase of illegal drugs (except marijuana) within five (5) years before application or any after this application.
Any use or purchase of marijuana within one (1) year before application or after application.
Any pattern of use of illegal drugs, including marijuana within the past five (5) years.
Any illegal sale of drugs of abuse, marijuana or prescriptive drugs in the past five (5) years.
Abuse of alcohol, chemical agents/solvent-based substances or prescription drugs.
Addictions to gambling or sex, or having received treatment for any of the above in the past two (2) years.

Employment Disqualifiers:

Outside employment is permitted with permission pending compliance to policies.

Financial Disqualifiers:

Garnishment for failure to pay child support.Additional Disqualifiers:


An applicant will not be permitted to continue in the application process if any of the following circumstances exist:

Has admitted to or evidence indicates the applicant was an instigator in any of the following acts:

Sexual relations with a person(s) of a child-like mind when the applicant was an adult.
Public Indecency – Pattern Abuse
Forced a person into a sexual act
Coerced a person into a sexual act by intimidation, intoxication or deception
An act covered in Section 2907: Sex Offenses of the Ohio Revised Code.

The following circumstances should be taken into consideration when evaluating an applicant: Demonstrated a lack of ethics or morality, by demonstrating any of the following:

Is a bigamist
Pattern of adultery
Pattern of prostitution or use of prostitutes
Abused a position of trust through a theft of time or service
A pattern of violating any of Ohio’s ethics laws
A pattern of violating Ohio’s obscenity laws as defined in Chapter 2901 of the Ohio Revised Code or Section 2912.22 Endangering Minors or Section 2917.21 Telephone Harassment.
Engaged in a pattern of behavior that would demonstrate excessive, illegal gambling or admitted violations of the Ohio gambling statues described in Chapter 2915 Gambling of the Ohio Revised Code.
Engaged in sexual conduct or contact with animals.
A pattern of engaging in acts of discrimination against people because of their sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, age, handicap.Inability to pass any portion of the defined testing process shall be grounds for disqualification.

Additional information and disqualifiers are defined on the application for employment.

Other qualities, traits, or attributes undesirable for the power and responsibility of a law enforcement employee.

Lateral Candidate : Lateral entry applicants will be considered and will be exempt from the written testing process. However, lateral entry applicants must complete a City Of Fostoria, Ohio Employment Application. For more information, please contact Safety Service Director, Deb Hellman, email or 419-435-8282.

Candidates applying through the lateral hire process shall submit an employment application. Candidates shall meet the minimum requirements of the civil Service commission. Such candidates shall also meet the following prerequisites:

Currently employed within the past twelve months as a full time peace officer, working a minimum of 30 hours per week in a jurisdiction in the State of Ohio.
OPOTA certified, including a current certification in firearms training.
Must have successfully completed probationary period at current employer as a peace officer. Up request by the Civil Service Commission, the applicant must submit certification and/or documentation from current employer establishing such completion.
Lateral entry applicants shall submit to all required processes except for the written examination.
Seniority for lateral entry police officers shall be based on the date of hire with the city of Fostoria. Employee’s selected through the lateral hire process shall be entitled to all other rights attributed to the classified service, following successful completion of the 12 moth probationary period.