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213 South Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio


As Director of Law, I oversee the Department of Law, and, as City Attorney, I represent the City in courts of law and before administrative bodies. Any time the City gets sued, I’m involved. The Department of Law is also responsible for preparation of all ordinances and resolutions that City Council considers, as well as contracts and legal documents. I represent the City in labor negotiations, offer formal and informal legal opinions to other elected officials as well as non-elected officers, and attend City Council meetings, as well as those of various boards and commissions.

As City prosecutor, it is my duty to act as the “Minister of Justice” for the City. My Department is responsible for prosecuting criminal and traffic offenses in the Fostoria Municipal Court. We work daily with over a dozen area law enforcement agencies to assist them through the investigative stages of a case, obtaining search warrants (sometimes in the middle of the night), extraditing fugitives of justice, appropriately charging the accused, and securing dignity and justice for our community. We take special time to make sure that we have input from victims, law enforcement personnel, as well as other stakeholders in our community.

I have two assistant directors of law: Barbara A. Dibble and Charles Hall.

As a family man, homeowner and small businessman, I can assure you that I take the high office you’ve entrusted to me very seriously. And to that end, I will continue to work very hard to bring honor to this high office.

Common Question:

Can the Department of Law provide me free legal help?
No. By law, City attorneys can only represent the City.

Dear Neighbor:

If we haven’t already met, my name is Tim Hoover and I am the Director of Law for our City. I live right here in our City, and am lucky to own my own home.

Fostoria has been very good to me, and I try to give back every day. I’m a parishioner at St. Wendelin Catholic Church, a member of Rotary International, Board of Trustee member of the United Way of Fostoria, involved with the Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Ohio State, Seneca County and Findlay-Hancock County Bar Associations, just to name a few.

On November 6, 2007, you were kind enough to allow me to serve you as Director of Law, and on November 8, 2011, you honored me with re-election. Before that, I was an Assistant Director of Law for the City.