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General Meeting Information

The Planning Commission usually meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm in the Conference Room 1 of the Municipal Building, 213 S Main Street.

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The Planning Commission may not meet for a regularly scheduled meeting if no applications have been filed. Before making arrangements to attend a meeting (which are open to the public), it is suggested that you call 419-435-9775 to confirm the meeting time.

Tel: 419.435.8282

213 South Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio

Information for Applicants

Planning Commission cancellations/withdrawls must be submitted by the applicant in writing and delivered to the Compliance Manager, ten (10) or more calendar days prior to the case's regular scheduled hearing date. Failure by the applicant to make such notification within the described terms will result in the applicant being required to pay the filing fee again, to cover the costs of publishing, posting and/or mailing notices of hearing or hearings required. Each separate time a hearing date is set for the Planning Commission, the same rules will apply.



Planning Commission Information

The Planning Commission consists of five voting members appointed by (and including) the Mayor to serve five-year, overlapping terms. The Planning Commission has the power to decide application requests, make interpretations of the Zoning Ordinances, grant requested applications, and approve proposed zoning amendment changes. Members are:

Jim Schreck (Chairperson)
John Hollingsworth
Pam Shumaker
Erik Keckler (Mayor)
Joshua Clark (Safety Service Director)
Jeffrey Huber(Compliance/Project Manager - Secretary of the Commission)

To contact board members, please email – compliance@fostoriaohio.gov

Planning Commission

Jeffrey Huber
Compliance/Project Manager
City of Fostoria