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How long do record requests take? 
There is no specific time it takes to process a record request. The amount of information
requested determines the time it takes. Please note: For ongoing investigations, only the
Officer assigned to your case can release information pertaining to the investigation/case.

How long do accident reports take to be completed?
Accident reports can take up to 2-5 days for the Officers to complete. Depending on the severity
of the crash, could take longer. Please note: We do not send information to Insurance
companies without a request. They can request a copy of the report by faxing, 419-435-9754
or by calling 419-435-8573.

Can anyone request a background check?
Yes. A criminal records check can be completed through Fostoria Police Departments arrest records only. For a more extensive criminal background check, you may need to contact your local Sheriffs’ office or BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation).

How Do I submit information for an officer commendation or complaint?
The Fostoria Police appreciates and respects the public's feedback.  Compliments are always welcome in a manner convenient for our citizens.  If you have a complaint against any officer, we have a procedure that allows it to be fully reviewed. 

Our first step is always to speak with a Sergeant who will guide you through the process.  

Alarm Permits can be picked up at the Police Department or open the link for the form here. Click here to read the ordinance language. Call 419-379-9999 for more information. 


The Fostoria Police Department was organized in 1890, soon after Fostoria became a City. Prior to this a City Marshal, elected by the people, had been the peace officer. By 1911 the department included seven officers of which the Chief was one. At that time provisions were made for the temporary hiring of additional Patrolmen at $2.00 per day, “in case of riot or other emergencies.

George Strouse was the first Chief of Police, holding the position until his death in 1927, after which Captain Franklin P. Culp became Chief. He served until he retired on pension, after recovering from his severe wounds received during the Dillinger raid on the 1st National Bank on May 3rd, 1934. J. M. Walsh then became Chief.

Source: Fostoria Ohio Centennial program and history 1854- 1954. Fostoria 76-A bicentennial history Kaubish Memorial Public Library.

After the Dillinger Raid on the 1st Nation a Bank in May of 1934, the Police Department was granted the funds to purchase 2 Thompson sub machine guns due to the overwhelming firepower Dillinger’s gang brought to the raid. One of these weapons is still owned by the Police Department.

The Fostoria Police Department was granted a charter by the Ohio State Fraternal Order of Police state lodge in 1935. Lodge #22 was named in honor of Franklin P. Culp. Lodge 22 has remained in active status to this day.

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