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My name is Lewis (Lewie) Ekleberry, and I am the Safety Service Director.  I am committed to making our community a safe and prosperous place to live and work. I was hired as the Safety Service Director in November of 2015 and can safely say this is a big change from my past experiences in the industrial private sector.  I really enjoy this position and I am very fortunate to work with such outstanding city employees.

Born and raised in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, I graduated from Marion Technical College with a degree in Business Management.  I ended a 40 year career in the Automotive Industry in 2011.  Most of my career was focused on Plant Management, which I truly enjoyed.  Since leaving the automotive business I have worked as a Business Consultant in various manufacturing facilities.  One of the more interesting consultant opportunities was working at the Wilson Football factory in Ada, Ohio.         

 I have discovered that being the supervisor of the Police Department, Fire Department and Municipal Works’ employees keeps me very busy.  Whether it be returning calls from concerned citizens or meeting with employees, my days are always full.  In addition to analyzing the city’s expenditures in an effort to find savings, I also look at the city’s insurance carriers, health plans and premiums to identify savings.  Developing an annual plan for capital improvements and city projects, as well as handling the human resource functions for the city are additional tasks I handle.  We are working very hard trying to get the most out of every dollar.


Repairing or replacing a damaged street sign?
Contact Mike Kreais in the Streets Department at 419-435-4115. As you can imagine, the Streets Department employees are often out and about completing projects around town, so please leave a message and they will get back with you.

I would like to add or remove a stop sign, yield sign, or other traffic sign that affects traffic patterns. How do I go about requesting this?
For most traffic sign changes affecting traffic patterns, it must go through City Council. First you will want to contact your council person and attend the next city council meeting. You may also want to contact the Safety Service Director directly.

My street has potholes or is in disrepair. How do I get this fixed?
The city receives an annual budget of $200,000 to repair city streets. Streets are taken care of in order of their condition, with worse streets being repaired first. To request your street be put on the list for repair, contact Engineer Dan Thornton at 419-435-9775 or email for an evaluation.

Former Safety Service Directors: 
L.W. Gibson – 1/1/1914 to 1/1/1916
J. Wonderly – 1/1/1916 to 1/1/1918
J. Wonderly 1/1/1918 to 1/1/1920
J. H. Jeffries – 1/1/1920 to 1/1/1922
Clarence Huffman – 1/1/1922 to 1/1/1924
Jas Maneckr – 1/1/1924 to 1/1/1926
E.A. Shuman – 1/1/1926 to 1/1/1928
E.A. Shuman – 1/1/1928 to 1/1/1930
Dr. C.C. Page – 1/1/1930 to 1/1/1932
Charles A. Latshaw – 1/1/1932 to 1/1/1934
Charles A. Latshaw – 1/1/1934 to 1/1/1936
Eugene Smith – 1/1/1936 to 12/31/1937
Frank E. Blaser – 1/1/1938 to 12/31/1939
Frank E. Blaser – 1/1/1940 to 12/31/1941
Frank E. Blaser – 1/1/1942 to 12/31/1943
H.M. Wanzer – 1/1/1944 to 12/31/1945
H.M. Wanzer – 1/1/1946 to 12/31/1947
Frank. H. Kinker – 1/1/1948 to 12/31/1948 (resigned)
Ray Coburn – 1/1/1949 to 12/31/1949 (filled unexpired term)
Carl C. Shupe – 1/1/1950 to 8/31/1951
Richard Keys – 1/1/1951 to 12/31/1951
Paul Steinhour – 1/1/1952 to 5/17/1952 (resigned)
Lester Huth – 5/18/1952 to 12/31/1953 (filled unexpired term)
Honorable Robert Bradner – 1/1/1954 to 12/31/1957
Clarence H. Coppus – 1/1/1958 to 12/31/1959
George W. Peeler – 1/1/1960 to 12/31/1961
Harry R. Bradner – 1/1/1962 to 12/31/1963
Harry R. Bradner – 1/1/1964 to 12/31/1965 (Did not leave office until 1/10/1966)
Ray R. Coburn – 1/10/1966 to ??
Harry R. Bradner – 1/1/1972 to 12/31/1975
J. Charles Macias – 1/1/1983 to 5/31/1994 (retired)
Eugene R. Kinn – 6/20/1994 to (filled unexpired term)
Ronald L. Reinhard – 1/1/1996 4 year term
Ralph C. Wise – 1/1/2000 4 year term
Ralph C. Wise – 1/2/2004 4 year term
Bill Rains 5/1/2005 to 6/16/2008
Diane L. Lind 6/18/2008 to 11/2/2008
Dennis Fligor – ??? to 6/30/2011 (retired)
James Schreck – 7/1/2011 to 12/31/2011 (part-time)
Jimmie E. Deiter – 1/4/2012 to 2/6/2012
Allyson B. Murray – 3/19/2012 to 10/2015

Lewie Ekleberry 10/2015 - Present

Lewis Ekleberry



Welcome to the City of Fostoria’s Department of Public Safety & Service!

The Department of Public Safety & Service directs Fostoria’s Police Department, Fire Department, Municipal Works supervisors and Municipal Works employees.  We are committed to providing excellence in safety and service to the citizens of Fostoria.

213 S. Main St., Fostoria, Ohio 44830 (2nd Floor)

Phone:   419-435-2561
Fax:  419-435-4192


Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Safety Service Director