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Q:  Are the owners of boulevard trees responsible for those trees?
A:  Yes

Q:  Does the Street Department take care of street lights?
A:  No, traffic lights are operated by American Electric Power (AEP)

Q:  Will the Street Department pick up dead animals?
A:  Yes, if they are in the street or in the boulevard.


 Chris Basinger, Working Foreman for the Street Department, has 8 years of experience working for the citizens of Fostoria. He began employment with the City of Fostoria in 2007 and has since worked as a laborer in the Streets, and Water Departments. He was promoted to Working Foreman in 2015.

Chris has lived in Fostoria for 35 years. He has his CDL Driver’s License. The Streets Department consists of one foreman, three laborers, one mechanic and one electrician/maintenance specialist.

He said his favorite part of the job is simply getting to work for the City and its citizens.


The Street Department employees manage a multitude of duties throughout the city, including but NOT limited to:

  • Painting and maintaining streets uptown, school crosswalks, parking lots, railroad crossings, etc.
  • Blacktop streets all around the City
  • Maintaining traffic lights, as well as repairing and replacing old or damaged street signs
  • Taking care of tree limbs blocking street signs and traffic lights.
  • Mowing all City lots, overpasses and underpasses; weed whipping in the spring & summer; leaf pickup in the fall; and snow removal & plowing in the winter.

We also take care of stoning along the streets, trash barrels downtown and at the Fire Station, and picking up limbs in the street. Maintaining the compost pile at Foundation Park

See Codified Ordinances Chapter 9 – Streets, Utilities and Public Services 905-917.

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