City of Fostoria Street Department

The city's street department will play a crucial role in this program.  They will be planting the variety of trees we have all over the city of Fostoria. They will also continue to maintain the trees during their young tree training. Young tree training involves a variety of actions such as watering, mulching, and structural pruning. Our street department of Fostoria is led by Department Manager Chris Basinger. He is a working Foreman for the Street Department, and has 8 years of experience working for the citizens of Fostoria. He began employment with the City of Fostoria in 2007 and has since worked as a laborer in the Streets, and Water Departments. He was promoted to Working Foreman in 2015. Chris has lived in Fostoria for 35 years. He has his CDL Driver’s License. The Streets Department consists of one foreman, three laborers, one mechanic and one electrician/maintenance specialist. He said his favorite part of the job is simply getting to work for the City and its citizens.

Stephanie Miller 

Stephanie Miller is the Regional Urban Forester at Ohio Division of Forestry. She is one of the many employees of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources that ensures the proper management of communities' urban forests. Stephanie attended Purdue University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a focus on Urban Forests in 1992. She also has her certification in Tree Risk Assessment (TRAQ) and as an Arborist. Stephanie played an essential part in creating this program. She was the guidance our team needed to ensure success. She assisted with the implementation, created the planting plan and layout throughout the city, and suggested the species of trees to use for this program. We are extremely grateful for Stephanie's expertise throughout this process and looking forward to the continuance of this partnership. 

Madelyn Brown 

Madelyn is the City of Fostoria’s compliance intern. She has served as an intern for the compliance department since the summer of 2022. Madelyn is a citizen of Tiffin, OH and is currently obtaining her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at Miami University. She played an essential role in implementing the Memorial Tree Planting Program as well. Madelyn initiated this program by creating a partnership between Stephanie Miller and the city of Fostoria. Along with her role of initiating the program she also; created the representative map, developed the donation process, and created the webpage for the program. 

213 S Main St. 
​PH:  419.435.8282
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Celebration Tree Planting Program


Q: What department should we contact regarding questions about this program?

A: Please contact our office Secretary @ 419.435.8282

Q: How will the donations work?

A: Donations can be submitted through the link above OR there is an envelop link that can be printed off and brought to the Mayor and Safety Service Director office.

Q: Can anyone donate even if they do not have a specific reasoning?

A: Yes, anyone can donate. We are grateful for any contributions made to this program. 

Q: If I donate in memory of a loved one will their name be specifically assigned to a tree when planted?

A: No. Anyone who is memorialized through this program will not have a specific tree. Those memorialized will have their names listed on the Fostoria website and other forms related to this program.  

Q: How long does the tree planting/growing process take? 

A: Once we have received enough funding for the planting and maintenance process we will begin. The maintenance process (Young Tree Training) takes about 15 years. After the 15 year marker the tree can then live and maintain itself on its own. However, we are in hopes to have trees planted around town in a timely manner as donations and funding come in. 

Tel: 419.435.8282

213 South Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio

About the Celebration Tree Planting Program

The City of Fostoria is implementing a Celebration Tree Planting Program. The purpose of this program is to celebrate accomplishments such as marriages, grades, new businesses and to honor those who have passed. Anyone can donate for any events that have occurred in their life. A variety of tree species ranging from small clusters to larger specimen trees are to be used. This program is city wide meaning trees can and will be planted throughout Fostoria including the Fountain Cemetery, Fountain Park, Reservoirs, and many other spaces. Those who donate can indicate why and who they are donating for. Once this donation has been made and processed the name/reasoning will be placed on the city website. Below, in the requested form box, is a link to donate to this program completely online. Another way to donate is by printing off a donation envelope (also in the requested form box below) and bringing that envelope to our office secretary. The office is located in the Mayor and Safety Service Director office. Any amount can be donated and will be recognized (If indicated). Lastly, we will also be creating a city map with indicators of trees that have been planted. This map will be available on this page of the City of Fostoria website once a number of trees have been planted. We are hoping to have this program established in the later months of 2023. However, we will be accepting donations before then. Any donations to this program is greatly appreciated. We value the sense of community, celebration, and honor and this program is another way to enforce those values as a city.

What will the Donations go towards?

Donations will be directed into the Tree Planting Program fund. This fund will cover the costs of the trees and labor that is required to properly maintain them. The proper maintenance for young trees involves a variety of steps that ensures the successful growth and lasting of the trees. These steps are described as "Young Tree Care". Young tree care includes watering, mulch maintenance, protection, and young tree training.

A young tree requires around 15-20 gallons of water a week. In order to provide this amount of water to the trees they must have a watering bag or bucket. Mulching is required to keep the soil nutritious and protect the roots of the tree. The mulch should be raked and replaced anytime it is thinning to ensure successful growth. Since we are located inside the city limits another factor to consider protection. Funds would be allocated to ensure the protection of our trees from vandalism and mowers. Therefore, goat fencing with 5-6ft diameter will be necessary in some areas. Lastly, the funding will also be allocated towards young tree training. This training includes structural pruning. Structural pruning is where we would guide the architecture of the tree while its growing. This significantly decreases the chances of losing the tree from storm damage. It is also the most cost effective tree-caring activity as it is a preventative measure from losing the trees, which in turn ensures the donations do not go to waste.

Young tree care involves many steps and tools which is why all donations will be going towards the buying, planting, and maintenance of the trees. For more information on Young Tree care is essential for the success of tree growth you can visit the Ohio department of Natural Resources