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213 South Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio

The zoning office has the responsibility for providing support for the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Responsible functions also include issuing a variety of permits, such as zoning, sidewalk, driveway, fence, and swimming pools.  The department is also responsible for the inspection and enforcement of all zoning laws including Property Maintenance.


Code enforcement for multi-family and commercial projects is administered through Wood County Building Inspection. Wood County Building Inspection may be contacted at

419-354-9190 phone
419-373-6786 fax
419-354-9190 inspections


Do I need a permit for a shed?
Yes. A shed no matter what size or if it is pre-built, a permit is required to ensure that setback requirement are met.

Do I need a permit for a swimming pool or hot tub?
A permit is required for any pool with a maximum depth of more than 18 inches.

Am I allowed to park my car in the yard?
No.  Vehicles must be parked legally on the street or on an improved driveway.  Parking on the boulevard is also not allowed (no wheels in the yard).

Can I keep my trash container or bags on the boulevard?
No.  Containers used for trash and garbage bags may only be set out on the boulevard every seven days for collection.

Do I need a permit to run a business from my home?
Yes.  A Home Occupation Permit is required for use of a dwelling or accessory building for gainful employment involving the manufacture, provision, or sale of goods or services

How do I report a possible zoning violation?
A violation may be reported by calling the office at 419-435-8243 or by email, or in person.

Do I have to give my name in order to report a possible zoning violation?
No. A call can be made confidentially, but if the information given is not complete or more information is needed the property cannot be inspected.

How high can the grass grow before it is in violation of the zoning code?
Grass or weeds cannot exceed 12 inches.  Failure to keep the grass or weeds cut is a minor misdemeanor punishable by a mandatory fine of not less than $50.00.

Where can I build a fence on my residential property?
Fences can be constructed 6 inches from the neighboring property line and 5 feet from an alley right of way.  This does not assume that the sidewalk or curb is where your property line starts.  To accurately determine where your property line is property pins need to be located or the lot needs to be surveyed.

Where can I park my boat or RV?
In residential zoning districts, boats, RV's and utility trailers are required to be parked behind the front building line of the your house.  This requirement applies on both lot frontages of a corner lot.  Boats, RV’s,  and utility trailers can be parked or stored no closer than five feet to any lot line and more than ten feet from the main structure and parked on an improved surface such as asphalt, concrete, crushed stone or pavers (a permit is required).

Former Zoning Inspectors for the City of Fostoria 

O.J. Bollinger (6/27/1966 to March 1968)

Chet Keiffer (4/17/1968 to ??) 

Dan Thornton (6/11/1979 – 1985) 

Denny Reffner (9/3/1985. Resigned to become Police Officer in 1989) 

John P. Mault 5/8/1989 to 12/17/1993 – layoff due to lack of funds)

Paul F. Hughes 5/2/1994 

Dale Helms (1 assistant, 1 admin) 1996 to 1999 (retired) 

Jamie Hatfield  January 2000 to ?? 

Terry Renard 

Ernie Lemmerman 

Tiffany Shaver 

Jason Wickard 

Sandra Coleman (2010 – Present)

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Zoning Inspector Sandra Coleman

Sandra Coleman has been with the City of Fostoria since September 2010. A lifelong Fostoria resident, she previously worked as Quality Coordinator at P&A Industries and Findlay Industries in Findlay, Ohio, before coming to work for her hometown.

As the Zoning Department is a single employee department, Sandy’s responsibilities include preparing and reviewing applications for all permits, certificates, appeals and amendments of the Fostoria zoning code. She also conducts inspections of complaints and violations against the zoning code.

In her own words, Sandy says, “I like that I work in the City where I grew up. I like that I am contributing to the welfare and well-being of the people who live and work in Fostoria.”


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