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Q: Is there a map of the cemetery? 
A: Yes, an area map is located on the Veterans Memorial Chapel window.

Q: I'm researching genealogy. Where can I get information? 
A: We ask that you conduct all your research at a public library, where you will find cemetery maps and sections for Fountain Cemetery. If you still need more information, please call the Cemetery Office to set up an appointment. 

Kaubisch Memorial Public Library
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Fostoria, Ohio 44830
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Fri-Sat 9 am-2 pm
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Q: When can I place or remove my decorations from graves?
A: Our annual clean-up dates are always the first Monday before Good Friday and the first Monday of October. Any decorations left on the grounds on these dates will be disposed of, unless they are placed directly on the headstone.

Q: I had decorations on a grave and now I can't find them.
A: All lot owners are responsible for their decorations. The cemetery is not responsible for any damage to items. Also, all glass containers are prohibited from the grounds.

Q: Where can I get a headstone and who installs them?
A: We do not sell headstones or install them, please contact your local monument company. However, all work must be approved by Fountain Cemetery Director Felix Gonzales before placement.

Q: My relative’s headstone is leaning, who is responsible for fixing it?
A: Lot owners are responsible for their own monuments; again, please contact your monument company. Fountain Cemetery will only reset a monument if it is a danger to employees.

Q: Who can use the Veterans Memorial Chapel? Is there a charge to use it?
A: The Chapel is only to be used in place of graveside services (committal services).  It is not intended for visitation or funeral services. It is intended to be used by anyone including St. Wendelin Parishioners in the event they do not wish to go graveside in the St. Wendelin Cemetery. It is scheduled on a first come first served basis and there has never been a charge to use it. Overtime may be charged if the service occurs after normal business hours, or on the weekend or holiday to cover the expense of a city worker being present to open and close the Chapel. We do take donations if a family wishes to do so and that money is deposited into the Veterans Memorial Chapel maintenance fund.

Q. How can I purchase a Veterans Memorial Chapel Granite Paver?
A. Click on the VETERANS' MEMORIAL CHAPELlink here.

Fountain Cemetery History
The original cemetery was laid out on a knoll just west of Portage Creek where Fostoria Community Hospital is today. The area is sometimes called Cemetery Hill. John Gorsuch, the original owner of the village of Risdon, donated the land for the cemetery to the Methodist Church of Risdon and it was named First Methodist Cemetery.

This site was used until 1856 when the Fostoria Cemetery was established on the site where Fountain cemetery is today. The first new graves in Fostoria Cemetery were dug in 1856 for two children of the Rev. G.W. Collier, the pastor of the Methodist Church.

In 1900 the cemetery was renamed Fountain Cemetery because of its many fountains & inspired by an article in The Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune by Jefferson Wolfe, The Lady Fountain was built in 1895. There was another fountain under what is now the Veterans Memorial Chapel. Other statues were added in the cemetery. Still standing next to the Lady Fountain is a Civil War monument built in 1910.

In 1917, Bradfield Hamilton built the main gate, including an arch and a fence. He also built the boat that is to the left of the entrance and the main mausoleum at the cemetery’s east end. The mausoleum is rarely used these days and receives few visitors. The last person interred there was in 1977.  In 1969, the World War I Doughboy statue was brought to the cemetery from the old high school building on High Street. It had been standing in the high school campus area since Armistice Day Nov. 11, 1927. There are 136 similar statues in 35 states. Fostoria’s doughboy was one of 12 in Ohio.

Potteiger shared that there are some interesting trees growing in the cemetery. There used to be two “upside down trees”, but one died in 1968 and the one remaining is in the old part of the cemetery near the Foster flag.  A unique gravestone that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years is the one that reads “Gone to Wal-Mart” It was mentioned on the Paul Harvey program (this is the gravestone of Tish Hammer).

When visiting the cemetery the row of baby graves can be seen on the west side of the cemetery. The veterans of past wars have metal markers inserted by their gravestone to signify their service in the armed forces.  The most recent addition to the cemetery is the Veterans Memorial Chapel, dedicated on Memorial Day 2004.  Fountain Cemetery still has room for growth. All the land north of the grounds is owned by the city.

Kaubish Memorial Public Library has cemetery books, which provide information as to where the person is buried, date of death and name of the survivor. The cemetery offices have the actual records cards of the deceased. To obtain access to those records call the cemetery office for an appointment.

Information according to
Information courtesy of Wanda Pohlman
Reprinted from Review Times, November 30, 2005

Fountain Cemetery Manager - Felix Gonzales

Cemetery and Parks Director Felix Gonzales has worked for the City of Fostoria for 13 years. He was hired in May 2000 working in Fountain Cemetery, and has since worked in Water Maintenance, the Sewer Plant, and the Water Office. He was promoted to head of the Cemetery and Parks Departments in January of 2005.

A lifelong Fostoria resident, Gonzales’s qualifications include 22 years in auto technology; ASE Master Tech Certification; more than 25 years in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary – as a PE, boat crew, vessel examiner and flotilla commander; a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); Aqua Pool Certification; and at a sophomore level in the Tree Commission Academy, an urban forestry program offered by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Gonzales’s daily duties include book keeping and selling cemetery plots, opening and closing graves, grounds keeping, and maintenance of all City parks. Working with Felix is one full-time employee, Ben Martinez, who also takes care of multiple grounds maintenance tasks and aforementioned duties. Various lawn equipment, one dump truck and one back hoe are used to get the jobs done. Part-time seasonal help is always employed during the busy season of spring & summer.

Felix says what he enjoys most about his job is getting to hear the stories people tell about their loved ones who have passed.

At Fountain Cemetery we have more than 38 acres of land available for our cemetery. Fountain Cemetery has a unique design with more than 10 different sections. Within these sections you will find:

  • -A Civil War monument from 1919
  • -The "Lady Fountain" of 1895
  • -WWI Doughboy statue placed in the cemetery in 1969 after it was removed from the grounds of the former Fostoria High School
  • -Veterans Memorial Chapel built in 2004 and dedicated on Memorial Day. Be sure to take notice of the chapel window bearing the words, "All Gave Some, Some Gave All."
  • -A new podium built in 2006, located by Veteran's Chapel. The new podium includes bronze plaques in honor of all past and present war and military divisions.
  • -Vietnam Veteran Memorial dedicated on November 11, 2009 by local Vietnam veterans.

Granite Pavers are the main fundraiser for the Veterans' Memorial Chapel. Granite Pavers can be purchased as a tribute to friends or family members, living or deceased, as a way to show that you and your family support the Veterans' Memorial Chapel. Please feel free to purchase yours by clicking this VETERANS' MEMORIAL CHAPEL link.

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