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213 South Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio


How do I get a storm water management closing payoff?

If you have a request for storm water management closing the SAME DAY, you will need to call the office at 419-435-2486.​

Can I receive my monthly bill via email?

Absolutely, the City now offers e-billing. Stop in the Water Office today to sign up. You will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail once you complete this. 

What payment methods do you accept at your location?
Cash, check, money order, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and all debits cards sponsored by these major credit cards. We cannot accept post-dated checks or payments over the phone. All cards must be swiped in person through our machine.

Can I pay my bill online? 

Yes! Visit, click Departments, Water & Sewer, then 'Pay Your Bill Online'. Be sure to have your account number as shown on your bill available to log in. There is no charge for this service. 

Can I pay my bill automatically through my checking account?
Yes, we do have AUTOPAY. It is as easy as filling out a form and attaching a voided check. The forms are located in our office.

Can I pay a bill after your office closes?
We have a payment/night drop receptacle conveniently located at the Water Office entrance. Twenty four hour accessibility is available through the Fostoria Police Station. There is also a drive-thru drop box located outside of the Police Department doors, please do not make your payment with cash. The deposit box will be checked daily. 

How do I start water and sewer service?
Visit our office to sign a contract, pay your deposit and set up a convenient appointment.

Do you have a required deposit to start water service?
We do have a required $75.00 deposit.

How do I stop water service?
Please call or visit our office to gives us your forwarding address if a deposit is involved and set up an appointment for a read for your final statement.

How do I get my $75.00 deposit back?
If you rent-your deposit is applied to your final statement and any remainder is sent to you in the form of a refund check. If you are a homeowner-you will be refunded after 2 years of on time payments.

Who should I call to report a leak?
Call the Water Office (419) 435-2486 or the Water Filtration Plant after hours (419) 435-2793 to report a leak.

Tenant Contract Water and Sewer FORM

Landlord Contract Water and Sewer FORM

Owner Contract Water and Sewer FORM

Since the early 1900’s we have had a crew of individuals overseeing the water lines that run through the City of Fostoria. Over 100 years have gone by and we still have a dedicated and trained staff that are available to serve our city in the subzero temperatures of winter and the hot and humid days of summer. Whether it be a main line break that occurs or a daily request for a locate; the Fostoria Water Distribution staff led by Supervisor Eric Smarr are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Where is the Fostoria Water Distribution staff located and how do I get ahold of them?
They are located at 740 W Fremont St. and you can call them at (419) 435-2643.

Where do I call to report a leak?
You can call the Water office at (419) 435-2486. After hours call the Water Filtration Plant at 419) 435-2793.

What part of the service line is the city responsible for?
The city is responsible for anything from the curb box to the main line. The homeowner is responsible for anything from the curb box into the home.

If I have plumbing to do in my house and I need a temporary shut-off, who do I call?
Call the Water Office at (419) 435-2486. No charge during regular business hours.

If I have a need for an emergency shut-off who can I call?
Please call the Water Office (419) 435-2486 during normal business hours. For all after hour emergencies call the Water Plant at (419) 435-2793.

If I need a locate for utilities marked on my property who do I call?
Anytime you dig on your property you should call (OUPS) Ohio Utilities Protection Service at(800) 362-2764 or 811. Please allow 2 working days before you dig.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and keep the meter in good working condition.
Don’t forget to perform pre-winter maintenance on all your water and service lines to avoid freeze up and an interruption in your service.
Please make sure that your outside meter remote is accessible for our meter readers. Keep them free from weeds, vines, bushes, and live animals.

Welcome to the City of Fostoria Water and Sewer Department. We are here to serve you Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8am to 4:30pm and Wednesday from 8am to 12noon.

Visit our office located on the first floor of the Municipal Building or call (419) 435-2486 for all your water needs.


213 S. Main St., Fostoria, Ohio

Phone:  419-435-2486


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 8am to 4:30pm 

Wednesday:  8am to 12noon.